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Hassle Free Publication Printing and More

Hassle Free Publication Printing and More
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  • About Me: The story of Shweiki's publication printing history goes back to 1984. At the time, while a student at the University of Texas at Austin, Gal Shweiki had an idea to create a guide book for students that listed all the best places to hang out.

    This idea led to The Student Guide to Austin. This was Shweiki's entry into the publishing field. In 1988, realizing the need for a monthly entertainment publication for the students, Shweiki began publishing Study Breaks magazine.

    As the magazine grew, Shweiki and his staff began working with other publishers, helping with design and pre-press solutions. This led to the purchase of the first web press.

    Since then Shweiki Media has grown to be a full service printing company, and a prime resource for publication publishers. We are happy to specialize in:

    Magazine Printing Services
    Catalog Printing Services
    Postcard/Single Sheet Printing Services
    Newsletter Printing Services
    Digital e-Zine Printing Services
    Shweiki's mission has always been to provide their clients with the most hassle free, profitable printing experience possible. With the promise of delivering on time, every time.

    At Shweiki Media we are profoundly attached and committed to the success of our clients. Our commitment is to sustain and nourish the growth or our clients into the future. This commitment has lead us into a new generation of full service printing.
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