One of the major things that is critical to an influencer’s social presence is their identity. Findit provides each and every member the same option of reserving their own domain extension URL. For example, let’s say you want your name on Findit to be “the makeup artist”. You would reserve in Findit the URL ‘the-makeup-artist’ so people can find you in Findit search under the makeup artist. Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, “Having the option of claiming the Findit address you want is something that ought to be considered strongly. This is something that helps you not only index at the top of search in Findit, but the members that post inside their Findit account consistently under their Findit address often will see those same posts indexing in Google search results. This drives traffic to the posts which can then be shared by the visitor to any their social accounts, giving the influencer a wider reach with each and every post in their Findit account.” CONTACT:Clark St. Amant404-443-3224