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Shweiki Media Printing Company VP of Sales, David Reimherr, Discusses San Antonio's Commercial Printing Industry in San Antonio Business Journal Article

In an SABJ article entitled "Commercial Printers Give Their Take on the Industry in San Antonio," Shweiki Media's David Reimherr--along with two other printers--discuss the commercial printing industry in San Antonio, its opportunities and its challenges. Reimherr also emphasizes the measures Shweiki is taking to stand out from the crowd, such as offering its clients innovative extras like custom mobile websites, augmented reality and more.

Austin 9/24/2014 08:58 PM GMT (WooEB)

In a piece in The San Antonio Business Journal entitled "Commercial Printers Give Their Take On the Industry in San Antonio," Shweiki Media Printing Company's Vice President of Sales, David Reimherr--along with representatives from two other printing companies--discussed commercial printing in the Alamo City.

The Commercial Printing Industry in San Antonio

Though the market has been tough, according to Reimherr, it's been coming around lately as the value of print has been more and more realized--probably due in part to a crowded online space and new initiatives by companies like Facebook to limit the amount of exposure businesses' social media posts can receive. And while there is also a growth in niche products that has helped boost the industry, it's important to note that it's a competitive market, which could prove difficult for companies not positioning themselves correctly.

Opportunities for Growth in Commercial Printing

Reimherr says that, for Shweiki, the main opportunity for growth comes in the form of technology like their new and improved online site. While the printing company will still be competing with companies like Vista Print for online orders, Shweiki has the advantage of being a local and regional source, and clients will be able to order brochures, flyers, postcards, short- and medium-run magazines and more at competitive rates--all through the online storefront. Shweiki will also have a wide selection of magazine paper and size choices, all while providing a hassle-free and cost-effective way to order publications online.

The opportunity for growth via technology is also exemplified in Shweiki with the company's interactive media services: augmented reality, custom mobile websites, and Facebook tab builds.

The Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry

When it comes to the biggest challenge facing the printing industry, Reimherr references the pressure placed on companies to become more lean and competitive while still offering great service and superior quality. Shweiki has combatted this issue by hiring consultants to help improve work flow and offer competitive pricing, along with high-value add-ons not made available by many other companies. In today's market, it's not okay to just be okay; and it's important to present clients with more than just great prices, service and quality. It's about going above and beyond, and exceeding expectations.
The article in its entirety can be found on the website of the San Antonio Business Journal--which also ranked Shweiki Media at the top of its list of the largest commercial printing firms in San Antonio.

Shweiki Media's mission has always been to help publishers improve by providing the most profitable, hassle-free printing experience possible. This includes guaranteeing the highest quality product, exceptional customer service, world-class communication, an on-time guarantee, and no surprises--whether printing magazines, postcards, flyers or anything else.

As a printer and publisher, Shweiki Media also believes that this hassle-free experience includes making their clients better. Utilizing relationships with industry experts, Shweiki Media strives to educate clients and help them thrive in the exciting world of publishing--while having lots of fun along the way!

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