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Gorgeous Honeymoon Vacations in Noronha and Nannai through VIP Tour Group

Noronha and Nannai are Perfect for Honeymooners or Couples Looking for a Very Special Pampered Experience

Atlanta 3/20/2014 02:40 PM GMT (WooEB)

Vip Tour Group knows how to organize a honeymoon. This particular romantic itinerary is a perfect experience in the exotic Northeast coast of Brazil. You will spend nine beautiful and unforgettable days with your significant other on perfect beaches, with exotic wildlife and amazing first class accommodations. VIP Tour Group is the number one choice for newlyweds and seasoned couples who want the most unforgettable and romantic honeymoon vacation possible. 

Your nine day honeymoon begins at Nannai, the 5-star Tahitian-style resort in Porto de Galinhas. Gorgeous beaches surround this location and at certain times, these are the perfect places to see sea turtles laying eggs and rides around the growths of mangroves. Porto de Galinhas is also a perfect spot for diving and surfing and swimming. Natural swimming pools of perfectly clear waters are scattered throughout the area, maybe you can find one that no one else knows about. 

Your next stop is the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. This location is particularly special because it is one of the few places in Brazil where the sun sets into the sea. The twenty small islands, and one large one, is easily one of the most spectacular destinations in Brazil, and the perfect getaway honeymoon destination

Although Fernando de Noronha is a model environmental protection area, it is one of Brazil’s nearly hidden treasures. It has become a Mecca for snorkelers who come from miles around for the warm, clear waters and the abundant underwater life. In Ferenando de Noronha there are over two hundred species of fish as well as dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks that you can see and photograph. 

It is important to note that VIP Tours has no fixed departure dates and no set trips. We plan one-of-a-kind luxury travel completely designed for you. Take your time and enjoy your stay any any of the South American countries that we offer here at

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