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Spend Fifteen Days Tasting the Finest Wines Argentina has to Offer with VIP Tour Group

Immerse yourself spoon first into our special foodie and wine lover itinerary of Argentina

Atlanta 3/18/2014 02:45 PM GMT (WooEB)

VIP Tour Group is proud to offer the Foods and Wines Argentina tour. This tour is 15 days of exploring the greatest chefs and vineyards of Argentina’s three most fascinating cultural centers; Buenos Aires, Salta and Mendoza. Every aspect of this journey was planned to perfection for by VIP Tour Group. We have enriched the vacation with storytelling and regional history through food that will entertain both your palate and your soul. 

Your journey through Argentina begins with Buenos Aires. You will learn to appreciate the history and the diversity of the chefs and wines here. One of the highlights of Buenos Aires is a cooking lesson and dinner at a five star hotel in the most sophisticated neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Recoleta. The executive chef will open the doors to his kitchen to show you the secrets of high gastronomy and Argentine Cuisine. This night, you will be your own cook and have the chance to delight yourself with your own production. 

The food and wines of Argentina tour continues in Salta where you will visit one of the most precious gems from colonial times such as the Church and Monastery of San Francisco and the city’s main attraction, the Cabildo and Historic Museum of the Northwest. Construction started the same day as the town’s foundation took place. Finally, you will also get a chance to visit the San Bernardo Monastery which boasts a carob tree main gate. This gate is considered a jewel of the local colonial art.

Finally, in Mendoza, the food and wines of Argentina tour ends with a bang. Mendoza has over 140 hectares of vineyards as 68% of the total surface in Argentina is cultivated with grapevines. Due to Mendoza’s location at the foot of the Andean Cordillera, it is a very privileged area for high quality wine production. The location is a perfect blend of latitude, altitude and soil. Combine that with the superior craftsmanship there and you produce the best of both modern and traditional wine-making strategies in order to produce top level fine wines. 

It is important to note that VIP Tours has no fixed departure dates and no set trips. We plan one-of-a-kind luxury travel completely designed for you. Take your time and enjoy your stay any any of the South American countries that we offer here at

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